Frequently Asked Questions.

Teach your baby to love the water

• What age can my baby attend sessions?

Babies can begin at 12 weeks however it is when you feel ready and comfortable to bring them to classes. You will be made to feel welcome at any age or ability.

• Does my baby need his/her immunisations?

The latest advice from the NHS is that babies do not need immunisations before swimming. Please refer to current NHS guidlines http://www.immunisations.co.uk/

• What should my baby wear?

Babies and toddlers must wear a double nappy system i.e/ a huggies swim nappy and a swim suit over the top. This is essential for pool hygiene.

• What time should I arrive for my session?

Aim to arrive 10 minutes before your session starts. This allows baby to change and adjust to the pool environment.

• What should I bring?

A swim nappy and swim suit for baby. Don’t forget the towels..
A portable change mat is always useful as the change rooms can get quite busy.
A hat that covers babies ears when leaving the building.
A drink and snack for after the session – but please remember not to feed your baby in the changing rooms.

• Do I need to swim or go under water?

No, not if you don’t feel comfortable. All lessons are held in shallow water, you will be shown how to hold your baby comfortably to help you feel relaxed and happy. It is very important to feel at ease in the water to enjoy a wonderful bonding experience. If you have any worries please discuss with your instructor prior to session.

• Can I photograph my child in the water?

We do not allow you to take photographs of your children during classes in line with child protection . We arrange for professional photographer to take underwater shots at least once a year.

• What do I do if my baby cries?

Babies cry for many reasons, if they cry in the water the main emphasis is to take them away from the class but sit at the side and watch.

• When should I feed my baby?

You can feed your baby milk prior to the lesson or during the lesson. Once on solids a small snack is recommended 15 minutes before class.

• My child has recently suffered with diarrhoea, when can they return to class?

Tummy bugs can spread quickly and we ask that all children stay out of the pool for at least 48 hours after becoming well again. You should not bring your child swimming if they have any illness such as an ear infection, diarrhoea, chicken pox, impetigo, conjunctivitis or a bad cold

• I have a child that has never been in the water, can they attend lessons?

Certainly, we actively encourage all children to get in the water as early as possible and gradually progress them into being water confident at their own pace.

• What can I do at home?

With baby in the bath you can start practising by trickling water over your baby’s face using word association. We do this in class for the first few weeks… Baby’s name, Ready, Go & splash with water.

• How can I attend a course?

Please refer to Courses page for details & Contact Us to book a place.

• Where are classes held?

Sessions are in Cardigan pool (hydrotherapy pool) and The Urdd camp in Llangrannog. The water temperature is between 30 – 33 degrees.

• How do you re enrol for the next term?

Our existing customers have first priority on their space. At the end of your current term you will be asked to bring along term fees, this then secures your space.

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Teach your baby to love the water

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