Swimming Tiddlers

2.5 – 4 years

Teach your baby to love the water

2.5 – 4 years

As your child grows they will begin swimming longer below and above the water. They can stay long enough to float on their backs independently and will have fun through playing games and singing songs.

Short swims with or without aids means they are now ready to enjoy more progressive skills like ‘star floats, rockets and diving for treasure. The transition to independent swimming is a safe and happy journey, built on trust and praise with you.

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STARFISH is an innovative series of 6 progressive awards designed to introduce babies from a few months old with the accompanying adult to a water adventure where water confidence and safety skills are introduced.

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I understand it's a big step taking your little one swimming, so please contact me and I shall be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Teach your baby to love the water

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