Teach your baby to love the water

little-fish-150x117Claire & Evan

“I have been taking my son to Teifi Tiddlers for over 2 years. I was looking for a class that could build our confidence as I was unsure how to introduce my child to the water. We both enjoy the classes and feel comfortable and confident  in the water, it also creates a  special bond between us both. Mandy creates a very supportive and interactive environment. The classes have taught us important water safety skills and continues to be a great source of enjoyment.  I highly recommend these classes.”

little-fish-150x117Meleri & Macsen

“We have just started our third term with Teifi Tiddlers, he was 4 months old when joined.  His confidence has grown and I feel so much more confident with him in the water.  He loves his weekly lessons, as do I.  Mandy is a great instructor, I would definitely recommend Teifi Tiddlers.”

little-fish-150x117Polly & Phoebe

“I was quite nervous before we started classes, now swimming is my favourite time of the week.  My 8 month old gets so excited when she realises we are going swimming.  My daughter has come on so much since we started lessons and we have both benefited so much from going.  The lessons are filled with songs and games and we all feel very comfortable in the water.  Mandy is a lovely teacher and totally understands your needs.  I would recommend these classes to anyone.”

little-fish-150x117Lynda & Ethan

“We have recently joined Teifi Tiddlers and were made to feel very welcome.  My little one settled in straight away and his confidence boosted after only a couple of sessions, he loves it.  Can’t wait for next term.”

little-fish-150x117Liz & Harriet

“We joined Teifi Tiddlers when Harriet was 12 weeks old and to say we have never looked back is an understatement. She loves being in the water and I have learnt a lot in terms of how to hold her correctly and to build up voice cues for doing tasks like submersion and propulsion. She is becoming a confident little water baby and even rights herself in the bath if her face goes under.  Thank you so much for teaching us, all that you do and we would highly recommend to anyone who was looking to start their baby swimming.”

little-fish-150x117Kelly & Emily

“I have been taking my little girl to Teifi Tiddlers for 10 months. She enjoys the classes and goes underwater with no problem.  The classes have given me the confidence in water with her.  Mandy is a fantastic teacher and there’s never any pressure to do anything you or your child do not want to do. I wouldn’t miss these classes for the world.”

little-fish-150x117Ann & Meia

“I have been taking my 3 year old to Teifi Tiddlers for over two years.  We rarely miss a week and it is one of our weekly highlights.  We have lots of fun in the water and going regularly has really helped to maintain her water confidence throughout this time.  I would recommend these classes to anyone.  It’s fun, sociable and a very special way to spend some one to one time with your little one.”

little-fish-150x117Emma & Malakai

“My son started lessons , with Teifi Tiddlers, when he was 3 months old.  Not only did the lessons give me confidence with him in the water, he also loved the lessons.  Two years on the lessons are a highlight of his week.  It’s amazing to see his continued development and to watch him swim towards me  and surface with a huge smile on his face. I continue to take him and have also started classes with my new baby too.”

little-fish-150x117Kirsty, Seren & Iolo

“My two children have attended sessions with Teifi Tiddlers and absolutely love it.  They have learnt to be safe and confident in the water whilst having lots of fun.  We have met lots of new friends as a result of going to the classes too.  I cannot recommend the classes highly enough and always tell new mums I meet about them.”

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Teach your baby to love the water

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