Toddler Tiddlers

18 months – 2.5 years

Teach your baby to love the water

18 months – 2.5 years

The toddler stage is great fun, sessions are active and full of games, songs and repetitive actions.

Toddlers are gaining strength in the water developing stronger arms and legs to become independent on swim fins/woggles.

Your toddler’s water confidence grows, helping them progress to independent swimming.

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STARFISH is an innovative series of 6 progressive awards designed to introduce babies from a few months old with the accompanying adult to a water adventure where water confidence and safety skills are introduced.

Starfish Series 1
Starfish Series 2
Starfish Series 5
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I understand it's a big step taking your little one swimming, so please contact me and I shall be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Teach your baby to love the water

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